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El Dorado Dining Room

This amazing hand-blown, hand-made glass chandelier is a custom piece I designed for a project in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was realized by the amazing glass artist Ernesto Cruz in his workshop and studio in Tlaquepaque, Mexico. Ernesto has created incredible custom chandeliers and sconces for numerous homes I’ve designed and I find his work to be sublime. His illuminated works of art are perfect comment-inspiring pieces that become the focal point of any space. Let us create a unique piece for you…if you dare.


A Serene Space to Begin the Day

“What drives humans to embellish their homes? I suggest the pursuit of beauty is the primary reason which, of course, leads to the creation of beauty…” David  L. Merryman

This extremely simple votive candle holder configuration has became a trademark treatment in the homes I have done in Cabo San Lucas over the past eight years, if one is good, forty is spectacular….”