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Wrought Iron Table with Gilded Leaf Chains

Casamidy Wrought iron table with hand-cut tin gold leaf chains. This must-have handmade piece is $3650.00 and available through David L. Merryman Interior Design.

Casamidy is owned by the talented husband and wife team Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy. Their online site is filled with a trove of furniture & accessories treasures and includes fabulous accessories, lighting, furniture and even some tres jolie apartments and homes; some of these well-appointed spaces are for rent.

Materials include clear lacquer over metalwork. Dimensions are 35W X 16D X 33H/89L X 41L X 84H cms.


A Serene Space to Begin the Day

“What drives humans to embellish their homes? I suggest the pursuit of beauty is the primary reason which, of course, leads to the creation of beauty…” David  L. Merryman

This extremely simple votive candle holder configuration has became a trademark treatment in the homes I have done in Cabo San Lucas over the past eight years, if one is good, forty is spectacular….”