I Always Prefer a Treat….

"Predictve Dream XXXIV" Katsuyo Aoki, 2012

“Predictive Dream XXXIV” by Katsuyo Aoki, Japan, 2012 Japan 2012 Each unique “skull” in the Predictive Dream Series is made of cast porcelain with white glaze and comes with the Plexi wall-mounting box and certificate of authenticity. Since her first solo exhibition in 2001 at Gallery LE DECO in Tokyo, Aoki has gone on to…

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Napoleon III Ivory Mirror

Circa 1860 Napoleon III period Dieppe ivory mirror of oval form. Ducal coronet over the Manners family crest with the motto of the Order of the Garter, “honi soit qui mal y pense”; Beaded border within a frame of carved oak leaves, lions masks, female terms, shields, cherub terms and scrolls. Cypher with the initials…

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